Beyond Expectations.
Ahead of Time.

Crafting exceptional minibuses, delivered on time, every time.

Bespoke Solutions for
Every Purpose.

Whether you’re seeking low-floor urban minibuses, specialized vehicles, or future-forward electric buses, our products are carefully crafted to deliver exceptional performance, comfort, and reliability, helping your organization move with confidence.

Unveiling the Strength Behind Our Wheels.

At Forveda, we're powered by a team of dedicated professionals and a unique, digitally managed production process. We're not just manufacturing minibuses; we're constantly innovating to offer you enhanced value, efficiency, and reliability.

15+ Years Experience

With 15 years of experience in the industry, Forveda combines a rich legacy with deep expertise to deliver top-tier minibuses tailored to your needs.

Smart Process Management

Forveda’s smart process management system harnesses the power of technology to streamline production, ensuring consistent quality and on-time delivery for every order.

Driving Innovation

At Forveda, we’re driving innovation in transportation, from pioneering the conversion of diesel engines to electric, to consistently enhancing our minibuses for optimal performance and comfort.

Quality at Scale.

As your trusted partner, Forveda ensures not only exceptional minibuses but also the ability to meet high demand. With a production capacity of 220 this year, scaling up to 450 next year, we seamlessly combine quality and quantity to fulfill your requirements.


minibuses production estimated in 2022


minibuses production estimated in 2023


vehicles in 2024 (including electric Low Entry mini bus and regular Diesel minibuses), due to moving to larger facilities



We start by understanding your unique requirements, envisioning the ideal minibus solution that caters to your specific needs and preferences.



Next, we bring your vision to life, crafting a tailor-made minibus on a platform of your choice, ensuring every detail aligns with your desired functionality and aesthetics.



The journey concludes with rigorous quality checks and final touches, ensuring the minibus not only meets but exceeds your expectations before it’s delivered to your doorstep.

Serving Progress Across Borders.

With a strong footprint across Europe and a growing presence in Middle East, Forveda is expanding horizons in the minibus industry. From the streets of Lithuania to roads Scandinavia and beyond, our minibuses are valued and used in many countries for their quality and reliability.