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Partner Types with Forveda.

Forveda welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with any potential customer interested in obtaining our product. To ensure transparency and foster a productive partnership, we are delighted to share our Partnership Strategy with you.

As manufacturers’ representatives, you are the primary strategic partners of Forveda. We take great pride in our current collaborations with a network of esteemed dealers, namely Iveco, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Fiat, and Renault dealers across Europe. Since you are specializing in the distribution of minibuses to both private clientele and participating in public procurement processes, our range of products meets a wide range of needs, whether it’s a police minibus competition, school minibuses or electric minibuses for district transport. 

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We make working with us simple.

We always seek for clarity and simplicity while working with our clients. Over the years of experience in our market we have managed to create a simple but effective process for ordering our mini busses.

Using our proprietary, systemized technology that allows us to avoid corrosion, we can offer our partners a reduction in production time and costs.

For this reason, we are trusted by many customers from different parts of the world: Scandinavia, Central Europe, and the Middle East.

Our technology

Leveraging Technology for Streamlined Production.

Our unique smart digital production management software system revolutionizes the manufacturing process, ensuring on-time delivery and consistent product quality.

Our Production Capacity

Quality at Scale.

With the capacity to produce up to 450 minibuses annually at our new manufacturing facilities, we’re equipped to meet high-volume demands without compromising on the Forveda standard of quality.

Our Brand Partnerships

Unifying Global Excellence.

Our independence allows us to work with leading global brands like Mercedes, Iveco, Renault, Fiat, and VW, delivering minibuses that encapsulate the best of Forveda and our partners.


Serving Progress Across Borders.

From the streets of Lithuania to the roads of Scandinavia and the Middle East, our minibuses are used and valued in many countries for their quality and reliability.