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Customized for Excellence


We’ve spent years refining our production techniques to ensure that our minibuses meet the highest standards in terms of efficiency, safety, and comfort.

Crafted with Care
Our Anti-corrosion Technology

Our unique anti-corrosion technology minimizes production time and cost while extending the lifespan of our minibuses.

Safety and Strength
Our Custom-Designed Seat Rails

Our strengthened seat rails offer a robust vehicle body that endures minimal damage, ensuring passenger safety

Easy Access
Our Corrosion-Free Entrance Steps

Our specialized deepened entrance steps, designed to avoid corrosion, offer a convenient and secure entry for passengers.

Quiet and Comfort
Our Electric Passenger Entrance Doors

Our electric entrance doors are designed to ensure minimal noise even at high speeds, providing a peaceful travel experience.

Smart and Safe
Our Autonomous Electrical Installation

Our autonomous electrical installation is designed to prevent accidental battery discharge, ensuring long-lasting power.